How Good Physics Tutoring Can Advance Mankind

Our daughter came home from school with a note from her physics teacher that suggested we help her more with her homework. I understand mechanical physics, and my wife is really good at math. However, neither one of us was good with understanding atoms, electrons, neutrons and other things like that good enough to be of any real help. That is why we got online, and we were happy to have found Mr. Tony Chee at Our little girl needed to take part in a physics tutoring program that would actually help her. Having us involved in her homework would probably make things worse.

If you are a parent and not an expert in all the subjects taught in school nowadays, you know what I am talking about. Continue reading How Good Physics Tutoring Can Advance Mankind

Looking at All of the Apartment Choices

I am so glad that I went to to get more information about the Regency apartments that I was interested in. I had seen an advertisement for them, and I had even went to look at the outside of the apartment complex, but I wanted more information. When I went to their website, I was really happy to see that all of the information that I needed was able to be found there.

I am a single woman with no children, but I bypassed the one bedroom units to look at the apartments that have two bedrooms. I was not so much concerned with having two bathrooms, because it is just me, and I knew that I would not have overnight guests. The reason I wanted the second bedroom is so I could have my home office there. The layout of the Anaqua Spring floor plan is absolutely perfect for me, because I did not need a huge room for this. When I pull into my garage, I have a set of stairs to go up, which takes me directly into the living room. Continue reading Looking at All of the Apartment Choices

My Back Troubles Seem to Have Disappeared

As a young person, I often heard older people talking about back problems. Enough so that I found myself hoping I would never have the same type of issues when I grew older. Turns out that I am not that lucky because I started having troubles by the time I reached 40. Now, halfway through my 40s, I have back pain so severe that I sometimes can’t get do much but lay down for days until the pain subsides. My very well-meaning neighbor said he has been going to a great chiropractor in Bakersfield to eradicate his pain, but I wanted to visit my own family physician first.

After the 4th incidence in just 5 months of dealing with excruciating pain, I knew it was time to see my doctor. I had put it off far too often. At the appointment, I explained how it felt like something had slipped in my back and that it happens when I bend a certain way. I can literally feel bones hitting each other and rubbing when it happens. He listened intently and then told me he was going to give me a potent prescription. Continue reading My Back Troubles Seem to Have Disappeared

Sometimes Moving is Because of Necessity Rather Than Choice

I had heard about families upending their lives when a loved one gets sick. When it is a child, it is even tougher. My sister devotes full time to her daughter since she got sick with a dangerous but survivable form of cancer. She lived an hour away from the Houston hospital where my niece is receiving her treatments. She was commuting every day and was exhausted. I got together with some companies that contract with me and we raised some money for her to get one of the nicer Houston TX apartments that were available.

My sister runs a small work-from-home business that only requires her to have a cell phone and a laptop. Her husband has a job with a manufacturing firm back where they live an hour away from the hospital. He needed to keep his job for the insurance. He could drive in on the weekends to be with his wife and daughter. They were looking at several months of my niece being treated at the hospital facilities. Continue reading Sometimes Moving is Because of Necessity Rather Than Choice

The Challenge to the Self

A few years ago I made a pretty drastic change of pace by doing something I wouldn’t have thought I’d be capable of doing on such a whim. A friend of mine in Georgia had been checking out apartments in Sandy Springs and told me that he’d found a great pad but would need a roommate to afford the place. Knowing that I was actually looking for a new place myself and willing to help pay for the move down there, he offered me the room. I had been pretty comfortable in Indiana despite not having a place to call home at the time but I was struck by a wild need to just..go.

I can’t explain it very well. It’s like that somewhere in the recesses of my thoughts something came together that knew that the moving to Georgia would be one of the best decisions I’ve recently made. It’s true that I was getting to a point where I was extremely comfortable in Indiana so I was beginning to take fewer and fewer risks. Risk, I’ve come to believe, is what challenges us and allows us to flourish. Continue reading The Challenge to the Self

I Really Do Enjoy Knowing What is Going on in Our Political World

Compared to now, there has never been a time in the past where I have been as interested as I am now about what goes on in the news. The world is changing fast, and I am having a ton of fun keeping up with it. Lately, I have been obsessed with Trump news, and I carve out a little bit of time each day to search for it online. He seems to be unlike any other president that we have ever had, and I find him fascinating. It seems that people all across the world feel the same way.

My country has always been widely talked about across the globe. However, now that we have the Internet, it seems that other countries are even more interested in paying attention to what is going on here. There are times that I feel a bit guilty for not paying attention to the rest of the world’s media outlets, but I really don’t understand how it’s possible to keep up with them all. Continue reading I Really Do Enjoy Knowing What is Going on in Our Political World

I Needed Eight Lots Paved

I took over the management of an apartment building on the outskirts of town. It is a pretty large complex with six buildings and eight parking lots. One of the things that struck me the fastest when I first looked at the property I was now to manage was how bad the parking lots were. There were potholes in all eight lots, and they all had areas that were crumbing as well. I knew that I needed to find a company that does asphalt paving in Nassau County NY before I did anything else, because the potential of accidents and injuries was just too great with the condition that they were in.

I had a decent budget to work with, but I still wanted to find a qualified company with great rates. This might have been my first project, but I had to save as much as I could for all the projects that were to follow. Continue reading I Needed Eight Lots Paved

Cyber Monday Shopping Has My Attention

When I found a Cyber Monday 2015 deals site a few days ago, I could not believe how excited I got. I am a natural born shopper, so I still like going out for Black Friday, but I have to admit that I am actually looking forward to Cyber Monday more. Because of how hectic Black Friday is, I will be lucky to hit three or four stores. Because of how calm Cyber Monday is, I can easily hit all of the stores that have great deals. What girl would not like that?

This site that I found makes the experience even better. I was able to look around the site and find out a lot about Cyber Monday that I didn’t know. I had no idea that some stores limit their items just like stores on Black Friday might. Continue reading Cyber Monday Shopping Has My Attention

Best Vegetable Delivery Services for Organic Food

I don’t know what the deal is but I pretty much can’t find any organic vegetables locally. I have looked in a bunch of different stores, and I still haven’t found anything really. I mean I have seen a few vegetables here and there, but I have not found any sort of meaningfully large supply. It is annoying. I guess I am going to try organic vegetables delivery in Singapore because that seems like it will be the only way for me to get the organic vegetables that I want on my table.

It is annoying that it is not easier to buy organic. Really, I think that everyone should eat organic food, even if it means that they have to spend a bit more money to do so. I also think that most people who have any open space should be involved in growing their own food. That would really save a lot of money over the long run, and would offset whatever extra money that they spend on organic food.

Plus, just think about how much extra food the world could grow if everyone had little gardens in their back yard. I mean you could also grow on your roof, and it seems like we are not really utilizing the space that we have efficiently in our society. There are people slashing and burning the rainforests in order to make room for more farms, yet so many people do not even put forth the effort to grow some vegetables in their backyard, or even on a window sill. You can grow a small amount of food just about anywhere, and it is something that I am going to take up in the future. But I am still going to have to buy organic vegetables and have them to deliver them to me at my house.

Options for Satellite Television Packages

I have been thinking about upgrading my television package and getting more channels and all of that. I am not sure what sort of options I would have. But from what I take in from television commercials, it seems like they always have more options for television, and new things come out. It is pretty cool, and I want to learn more and view more of the options that are out there to subscribe to in my area at this point in time.

I know that I have been growing a bit bored with the options that I have available to me at the moment, and that is one of the main reasons why I want to have more options. It just seems like the more channels of television you have, the better you will be off, because there is a better chance that you will be able to find a program that you really like watching. Continue reading Options for Satellite Television Packages

I Learned That I Should Never Let Plumbing Problems Go Unattended

I have long had a problem with putting things off around my home until they become a problem. It is something I have always struggled with. But I really learned my lesson last month when I found myself putting off getting a plumber in Essex County NJ for a leak.

First, I knew that I had a water leak in my kitchen under the sink for many months. Rather than call someone to fix it, I put it off. I bought some sort of patch kit at a local home supply store to patch the pipe. Little did I know that this was not a smart move as a permanent measure. I just did not realize that products like that are temporary at best and really should not be used.

I rarely check under my cabinet under the sink in the kitchen, so I did not realize that the patch kit I used was not working well. Continue reading I Learned That I Should Never Let Plumbing Problems Go Unattended

My Dad’s House Got a New Look

When my father called me up for some decorating advice, I was so happy. He has not changed anything in his house for at least 30 years, and even then it was just to throw up some new wallpaper. I had been telling him that he needed to just hire a painter in Bergen County NJ to brighten up the rooms in his house, and he usually just turned a deaf ear my way. I wasn’t sure what had happened to make him want to give his house the much needed update that it needed, and I was not about to question him too much in case he changed his mind.

I already knew which company I wanted him to hire to repaint the rooms at least on the main level of the house. The kitchen had very dark wallpaper, and the living room, dining room and bathroom were not much brighter either. Continue reading My Dad’s House Got a New Look

What I Learned About Satellite TV and Why We Picked It over Cable

We were looking for who the cable TV provider was when we moved to our new apartment in our new town. In looking for the best television channel package we could get I discovered the website that showed me satellite television packages. I did not know much about satellite TV since I never had it. I grew up with cable and so did my wife. In fact, when I was very young we only had an antenna on the roof and a big console TV set. That was a few years ago! I only saw satellite TV one time. It was nice and clear and the guide on the screen was really cool.

I figured I would look into it a bit more. I did not know if it was even allowed in the apartment where we were at. However, after I called, I found out that we could have it. The landlord already made it possible for everyone to choose from satellite or cable in the building. I asked two of our neighbors we had met while moving in. One had cable and the other had satellite. My wife and I checked out both options by fooling with their TVs in their apartments. Continue reading What I Learned About Satellite TV and Why We Picked It over Cable

I Didn’t Want to Do Payroll Myself

When I started my own shop several years ago, I thought I would be able to handle everything on my own. I quickly found out that was simply not the case. When I hired two part time workers, I knew that I had to contact a company that handles payroll services in Bristol because I simply did not understand the process of payroll at all. I thought I would be able to find a program to help me, but there are just too many variables with it to trust a program when I know nothing about payroll in the first place. Continue reading I Didn’t Want to Do Payroll Myself

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Using Google Scholar to Find Sources for Papers

Finding the sources that you need for schoolwork and research papers can be a real pain. Most teachers will tell you that you are not allowed to use Google when you are searching for sources for their assignments, but this is not necessarily true. While regular Google search brings up a lot of bad results from disreputable sites like Ask and Yahoo! Answers, there is another site that Google owns that brings back high quality scholarly articles that can be used in research almost every single time. This service, called Google Scholar, is based on the same algorithms and search formulas that regular Google is based on, so you are sure to get good matches.

Using Google Scholar itself is a breeze. Simply navigate to the Google Scholar web site, Continue reading Using Google Scholar to Find Sources for Papers