How Good Physics Tutoring Can Advance Mankind

Our daughter came home from school with a note from her physics teacher that suggested we help her more with her homework. I understand mechanical physics, and my wife is really good at math. However, neither one of us was good with understanding atoms, electrons, neutrons and other things like that good enough to be of any real help. That is why we got online, and we were happy to have found Mr. Tony Chee at Our little girl needed to take part in a physics tutoring program that would actually help her. Having us involved in her homework would probably make things worse.

If you are a parent and not an expert in all the subjects taught in school nowadays, you know what I am talking about. Even my wife, who is expert at mathematics, has to take a double-take at the way math is taught today. It can get really weird. I do not understand how kids are even learning math nowadays, let alone physics. Plus, unless the schoolteacher of physics presents the subject in a way that engages the students, you pretty much lose them in the first chapter of the textbook. Physics can be really cool and even entertaining. It can look like some sort of magician’s tricks when experiments and demonstrations are performed. Once the students understand what is happening, it is like getting a glimpse into understanding the great mysteries that make up our universe.

The first glimpses of how physics works can, hopefully, prompt more of an interest in further discovery later on. This is how the science is perpetuated and how we learn more and more about it. Imagine advancing medical studies and space exploration or even finding a way to produce endless energy for everyone just because your child got good physics tutoring in school.