I Learned That I Should Never Let Plumbing Problems Go Unattended

I have long had a problem with putting things off around my home until they become a problem. It is something I have always struggled with. But I really learned my lesson last month when I found myself putting off getting a plumber in Essex County NJ for a leak.

First, I knew that I had a water leak in my kitchen under the sink for many months. Rather than call someone to fix it, I put it off. I bought some sort of patch kit at a local home supply store to patch the pipe. Little did I know that this was not a smart move as a permanent measure. I just did not realize that products like that are temporary at best and really should not be used.

I rarely check under my cabinet under the sink in the kitchen, so I did not realize that the patch kit I used was not working well. Water leaked slowly out through the cracks, down the back of the cabinet and underneath. The wood flooring under the sink cabinet and surrounding cabinets were ruined as a result. I really wish I would have paid attention and been more proactive about having someone come fix it in the first place.

The plumber who came out to help me was truly an expert, and thankfully, he did not judge me either. He was professional about the entire thing and got everything fixed up for me. He did; however, point out that my plumbing issue cost me more money because it had been ignored so long and the water affected the integrity of my pipes. The price was still very affordable, but the point is that I ended up needing to pay more to fix something when it would have cost me even less had I called in an expert in the first place.