I Needed Eight Lots Paved

I took over the management of an apartment building on the outskirts of town. It is a pretty large complex with six buildings and eight parking lots. One of the things that struck me the fastest when I first looked at the property I was now to manage was how bad the parking lots were. There were potholes in all eight lots, and they all had areas that were crumbing as well. I knew that I needed to find a company that does asphalt paving in Nassau County NY before I did anything else, because the potential of accidents and injuries was just too great with the condition that they were in.

I had a decent budget to work with, but I still wanted to find a qualified company with great rates. This might have been my first project, but I had to save as much as I could for all the projects that were to follow. I went online and started looking at the different companies in the area, and that is how I found Creative Landscaping and Paving. They are located in Westbury, so they are pretty local to our area as well.

I was able to get a free quote from them without obligating myself to anything, and that was a relief. What was also a relief was the price that they quoted me. It was much lower than I expected since there were eight large lots that needed to be completely redone. Along with a great price came a fast service too. They had the entire job done a day before they said it would be done, which was beneficial to all the tenants here. I have a few other things to take care of first, then they are going to give me a quote on the sidewalks and pool area!