Looking at All of the Apartment Choices

I am so glad that I went to http://www.regencyatlookoutcanyon.com to get more information about the Regency apartments that I was interested in. I had seen an advertisement for them, and I had even went to look at the outside of the apartment complex, but I wanted more information. When I went to their website, I was really happy to see that all of the information that I needed was able to be found there.

I am a single woman with no children, but I bypassed the one bedroom units to look at the apartments that have two bedrooms. I was not so much concerned with having two bathrooms, because it is just me, and I knew that I would not have overnight guests. The reason I wanted the second bedroom is so I could have my home office there. The layout of the Anaqua Spring floor plan is absolutely perfect for me, because I did not need a huge room for this. When I pull into my garage, I have a set of stairs to go up, which takes me directly into the living room. The dining room and kitchen are next to it, then the bedroom, home office and bathroom are at the far end.

Off of the dining room is a huge balcony, and the view is nothing short of spectacular nearly every time I am out there. There is plenty of storage because of the large walk in closets that are in both rooms as well as the storage space in the garage. I even have a washer and dryer here, so I don’t have to use a laundromat ever again. This is the perfect set up for me, and I am glad that I looked at all of the options that were available before deciding to move here.