My Back Troubles Seem to Have Disappeared

As a young person, I often heard older people talking about back problems. Enough so that I found myself hoping I would never have the same type of issues when I grew older. Turns out that I am not that lucky because I started having troubles by the time I reached 40. Now, halfway through my 40s, I have back pain so severe that I sometimes can’t get do much but lay down for days until the pain subsides. My very well-meaning neighbor said he has been going to a great chiropractor in Bakersfield to eradicate his pain, but I wanted to visit my own family physician first.

After the 4th incidence in just 5 months of dealing with excruciating pain, I knew it was time to see my doctor. I had put it off far too often. At the appointment, I explained how it felt like something had slipped in my back and that it happens when I bend a certain way. I can literally feel bones hitting each other and rubbing when it happens. He listened intently and then told me he was going to give me a potent prescription. He also told me that I should be very sparing with them because they have addictive properties. This was disappointing at best. I really feel like pain killers mask the problem without getting to the root of the problem. He shrugged when I mentioned that to him.

The next time my back went out, I tried the prescription pain killers I was given. Just one pill made me sleep hard for about 8 hours straight. This was no good. I decided to visit the chiropractor that my neighbor had told me about, and I was pleased to see that he is a doctor as well. He listened to my symptoms and put a plan of action in place with no medication involved. After just 4 visits, I can now bend a move without anything slipping in my back. I plan to keep using his services.