My Dad’s House Got a New Look

When my father called me up for some decorating advice, I was so happy. He has not changed anything in his house for at least 30 years, and even then it was just to throw up some new wallpaper. I had been telling him that he needed to just hire a painter in Bergen County NJ to brighten up the rooms in his house, and he usually just turned a deaf ear my way. I wasn’t sure what had happened to make him want to give his house the much needed update that it needed, and I was not about to question him too much in case he changed his mind.

I already knew which company I wanted him to hire to repaint the rooms at least on the main level of the house. The kitchen had very dark wallpaper, and the living room, dining room and bathroom were not much brighter either. Even the hallway was dark and dreary, and I knew that the painter who had brightened up my own home could do the same for my dad. It helped that I already knew the quality work that this painter and his crew do, because I am not sure my dad would have agreed to this otherwise.

I contacted the painter and was able to schedule a consultation at my dad’s house. I already knew the colors that I knew would work, but it seemed that my dad had some ideas of his own. That is when I found out that he had recently started dating a new lady from the senior center, and the changes that brought about were simply amazing. He agreed with me on most of the choices I had made for the paint colors, but he wanted something even brighter for the kitchen. The paint crew did a fantastic job, and my dad’s house looks completely different now!