Sometimes Moving is Because of Necessity Rather Than Choice

I had heard about families upending their lives when a loved one gets sick. When it is a child, it is even tougher. My sister devotes full time to her daughter since she got sick with a dangerous but survivable form of cancer. She lived an hour away from the Houston hospital where my niece is receiving her treatments. She was commuting every day and was exhausted. I got together with some companies that contract with me and we raised some money for her to get one of the nicer Houston TX apartments that were available.

My sister runs a small work-from-home business that only requires her to have a cell phone and a laptop. Her husband has a job with a manufacturing firm back where they live an hour away from the hospital. He needed to keep his job for the insurance. He could drive in on the weekends to be with his wife and daughter. They were looking at several months of my niece being treated at the hospital facilities. On good days she could stay at the apartment with my sister. They needed to stay close if there were any complications from treatment.

We managed to get enough money to lease the apartment for a year. It is a really nice place. My brother-in-law said he would not mind living in it permanently if he had a job closer to Houston. I am seeing what I can manage. Getting him a nice job is not really a problem, it is just getting insurance coverage for treatment already in progress. They cannot afford to upset the apple cart at this point. I am very happy my sister has a nice place to stay. I fly down when I can and help her out. The hope is that in a few months they will no longer need the lease on the place. It is a beautiful apartment in Houston, Texas, but it is one they will be happy to give up once my niece is cured.