Starting with a Folded Dream

Through an acceptance into an Innovator Visa business plan, I came to the UK with an idea of producing a line of plastic containers that could be used for any occasion, and they could be collapsed. Normally plastic containers take up a certain amount of space, both in cabinets and any other space, and trying to stack them inside each other can be a bit of pain. My design made the containers easy to push down, so they could be put anywhere, and pulled back apart when necessary. In order to make the containers, I had to use a special process at the factory that I opened.

The first production of the containers went well, and a lot of people were buying them right out of the gate. Initially they were being sold online, but then I transitioned to allow them to be sold in stores as well. The sales from both are pretty high, but people are more likely to get the containers in the stores because they are right there without having to be shipped out. With online orders, customers have to wait for the containers to come in the mail, and that can take a while, depending on the shipping choice that they choose upon ordering.

I haven’t just stopped at only making containers for food. I am planning to roll out a large container that can be used to store other things, like clothing and personal items. These will have the same kind of collapsing as the smaller containers, but these will be stored in closets and under beds, rather than in a pantry with food containers. I think a lot of people will like this because it will eliminate a lot of wasted space in their homes and help them organize all of the things they’ve accumulated.