The Challenge to the Self

A few years ago I made a pretty drastic change of pace by doing something I wouldn’t have thought I’d be capable of doing on such a whim. A friend of mine in Georgia had been checking out apartments in Sandy Springs and told me that he’d found a great pad but would need a roommate to afford the place. Knowing that I was actually looking for a new place myself and willing to help pay for the move down there, he offered me the room. I had been pretty comfortable in Indiana despite not having a place to call home at the time but I was struck by a wild need to just..go.

I can’t explain it very well. It’s like that somewhere in the recesses of my thoughts something came together that knew that the moving to Georgia would be one of the best decisions I’ve recently made. It’s true that I was getting to a point where I was extremely comfortable in Indiana so I was beginning to take fewer and fewer risks. Risk, I’ve come to believe, is what challenges us and allows us to flourish. It forces us to become more aware of the risks and think further in the future.

So I went. I packed my bags, sold everything that I wouldn’t need and left home. In doing so I’ve managed to find a better job, get promoted and become far more financially secure than I ever thought I would be. Risk is good. But does this mean that I might find myself growing too comfortable here in Georgia, too? Should I challenge myself as I did then every few years? Financial comfort is great but it’s not the only thing worth living for! Maybe it’s time for another move? I’ve always wanted to live in NYC.