What I Learned About Satellite TV and Why We Picked It over Cable

We were looking for who the cable TV provider was when we moved to our new apartment in our new town. In looking for the best television channel package we could get I discovered the www.cable-tv.com/windstream/ website that showed me satellite television packages. I did not know much about satellite TV since I never had it. I grew up with cable and so did my wife. In fact, when I was very young we only had an antenna on the roof and a big console TV set. That was a few years ago! I only saw satellite TV one time. It was nice and clear and the guide on the screen was really cool.

I figured I would look into it a bit more. I did not know if it was even allowed in the apartment where we were at. However, after I called, I found out that we could have it. The landlord already made it possible for everyone to choose from satellite or cable in the building. I asked two of our neighbors we had met while moving in. One had cable and the other had satellite. My wife and I checked out both options by fooling with their TVs in their apartments. After just a few minutes of discussion, we saw that satellite was the best option.

The reasons it was best because you could record or watch up to five things at once on the satellite box. New ones do even more. Cable was still limited to two things on a box in our area. We could have a TV in the kitchen, living room and both bedrooms all with full access to what is on the main DVR. That means we could pause a movie in the living room and pick up where we left off at the bedroom or any other TV. Plus, there were more HD channels with a lot of PPV in 3D. We really liked watching action movies in 3D on our TV set. The choice was clear and we went with satellite.